About Us

    We are a new mobile application creation company from Orrville, Ohio. We specialize in small apps for file security and proficiency. We offer NO SERVER STORAGE for anything. Servers are no longer safe from hackers. So, with no servers to store your sensitive information, your files are safer. This app does not even store your password. A forgotten password is doom you will lose access to the app with no way to recover it. A fresh install will be needed and all internally stored files will be deleted with the app. BACK UPS are your responsibility period. Made quickly from templates. These Apps are production efficiency and file security apps. Started 2 years ago as an owner run business, dedication to service and your satisfaction is our goal. Pricing is a fraction of our competetor's. These are made in our spare time (odd jobbers). This saves you even more money. Let us make your next app without hiring or contracting another pricey IT person. Our corporate apps are not up-loadable to Google Play. Those, we can make but are significantly more costly.